• Type 5 6 Coverall Certificated

    Type 5 6 Coverall Certificated

    Effective protection against hazardous dry particles and light liquid sprays
    This Lakeland SafeGard GP disposable coverall is manufactured from 55gsm SMS fabric, providing a highly breathable suit
    The air permeability of this coverall is 10 times higher than other materials such as flash-spun polyethylene and microporous film laminate, resulting in much higher comfort levels
    Air permeability reduces the ‘bellows effect’ (the tendency to create suction of air and dust particles in the seam holes, cuffs, ankles and zip)
    Super-B style design – this coverall has been developed for a superior fit, wearability and durability
    A crotch gusset is included to reduce incidence of burst crotch and improve durability
    Features stitched (or serged) seams
    All Lakeland coveralls are suitable for asbestos handling and removal

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  • Fire Retardant Coverall

    Fire Retardant Coverall

    Features of Wood Pulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabrics
    Using the new wood pulp composite spunlaced non-woven fabric from American technology, mainly adopts the design of reel is composed of polyester filament synthetic, native wood pulp and 45% 55%, with tensile strength, strong clean, no crumbs, efficient water, clean oil capacity. Available in different
    size, inner liner with hose and paper tube to choose. (can be produced according to customer requirements) of different non-woven material sand polyester material products.
    Applications of ConfortStar-FR
    >Clean room service
    >Hazardous chemical area
    >Pharmaceutical /chemical
    >Painting and /or paint related environments
    >Food processing
    >Asbestos environments
    >Emergency and toxin leaking administration
    >Agriculture and /or toxin involved

    Characteristics: Unique one-piece design that cover whole body, Convenience and easy to wear and off

    Application: Suitable for isolation and protective use in household, hospital, garden, painting, food industry and other situations

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    Type 3 4 Coverall European Standard

    Type 3 4 Coverall European Standard

    Multi-layer film attachment technology, ultrasonic welding and hot sealing reinforced joint design,
    effectively protect a variety of chemicals, especially suitable for inorganic chemicals using multi-layer non-woven fabric film material,
    It has good chemical penetration resistance and provides a light, soft and comfortable feeling at the same time.
    Protection Level:
    • EN 14605: 2005 - Type 3: against a saturation and strong directional spray of liquid chemicals
    • EN 14605: 2005 - Type 4: Protection against splashes and sprays of liquid chemicals
    • EN 13982: 2004 - Type 5: Protection against hazardous dry particles
    • EN 13034: 2005 - Type 6: Protection against light spray of liquids

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  • Disopsable Polypropylene Coverall

    Disopsable Polypropylene Coverall

    Spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric, hypoallergenic, fluid resistant, or PP in short form, is generally used to make disposable non-woven protective gown;
    weight 40g. - 65g. non-woven fabric in colors of white, yellow, green, blue, pink, navy, olive available, comfortable and disposable non-woven isolation gown, protective gown, patient gown, lab coat, etc.
    SMS or WBP (water barrier protection) microporous materials are available as per request.
    Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL with or without hood and boots, with front zipper, zip flap, elastic ankles, elastic cuffs, elastic waist, front chest pockets or back pockets as per the buyers' requests.
    Spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric is often made for durable, breathable.

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    Disposable Non Woven Microporous Coverall

    Disposable Non Woven Microporous Coverall

    Suggested Applications:
    • Work with low-toxic inorganic chemicals
    • Low-pressure cleaning work and industrial cleaning
    • Ship and automotive construction, work with varnishes and paints
    - Agriculture and horticulture (pesticide protection)
    • Pest control
    • Electronics and cleanroom environments
    • Work with asbestos and dismantling
    • Remediation of contaminated sites
    • Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

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  • Disposable SMMS Protective Coverall

    Disposable SMMS Protective Coverall

    1. with hood, elastic waist, wrist and ankle, zipper with flap (or without flap)
    2. with hood and boot covers, elastic waist, wrist and ankle, zipper with flap (or without flap)
    3. Collar without hood, elastic waist, wrist and ankle, zipper with flap (or without flap)
    Other shapes are available, for more details, please contact us to confirm.

    SMS is a composite non-woven fabric, spunbond and melt spray composite products, with high strength, good filtering performance, no adhesives, non-toxic and other advantages.
    At present, it is mainly used in medical and health labor protection products such as surgical clothing, surgical cap, protective clothing, hand-washing clothes, handbags and more...

    Through the special treatment of the equipment, it can achieve anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, water-repellent and other properties.
    SMS feature: soft, light, non-toxic and durable

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    SMMS Fire Retardant Coverall

    SMMS Fire Retardant Coverall

    Extend the shelf life of your reusable flame resistant garments
    Worn on top of the flame-resistant garments when working, it brings to prolong the usage duration and saves laundry costs.
    Durable & breathable
    Multilayer SMMS fabric is not only strong and durable, but also soft and breathable. It brings an effective barrier against particulates and low-level liquid spray.
    According to EN ISO14116 Index 1, the limited flame spread coverall must never be in direct contact with skin. The ULTITEC 1000FR must be always worn on top of index 2 or 3 thermal protective garments and hoods. The seams, elastics and zipper components are not made of flame retardant materials and may burn if exposed to heat and flame.

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  • Microporous Coverall With Taping

    Microporous Coverall With Taping

    1. High structural strength with excellent tensile, tear and abrasion resistance

    2. Anti-static. Helps to prevent build-up of Static Electricity, which can be a majot safety risk in certain industries

    3. Breathable and comfortable preventing heat stress and providing comfortable working conditions

    4. Particle Protection: holding out 99% of fibres and hazardous particles greater then 1 micron

    5. Outstanding barrier against a wide range of chemicals and aerosols.

    6. Silicone free and ultra low linting. Ideal for use in critical painting applications and reducing the risk of contamination

    7. Lightweight, durable with superior soft comfort.

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    SMMS Coverall With Taping

    SMMS Coverall With Taping

    The adhesive tape type joint design is suitable for the protection of bio-infectious agents
     Protection level: depends on the material weight(g/m2) and the compositions of the fabric.
    Fire Retardant Feature Details:
    Microporous non woven material itself do not have fire-retardant properties.
     If adding Flame Retardant Granules into raw material, the final material will get the flame-retardant feature.

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