Disposable Scrub Suit

  • Disposable Hospital SMMS Scrub Suit

    Disposable Hospital SMMS Scrub Suit

    Product Introduction
    1. Disposable surgical gown, patient gown, scrub suit is made of excellent non-woven material from biggest supplier
    2. Lint-free, waterproof, good tensile strength, comfortable
    3. Breathable, excellent to dissipate body heat, against splatter
    4. It is the best choice of disposable products in the fields of hospital, factory, cosmetology, environment protection and so on.
    5. The valid period of products is 5 years.

    1. Material: SMS(Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond Non-wovens)
    2. Characteristics: Anti-pull, environmentally-friendly, good tensile strength, feeling soft, non-toxic, water-resistant, air- permeable
    a. SMS barrier fabric is a unique trilaminate construction that offers a high tensile strength and toughness that is also soft, drapable, and easy to work with.
    SMS provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without sacrificing mobility and comfort.
    b. Spunbond layer is consist of continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation, Melt blown layer is consist of continuous micro fiber
    3. Can be customized with different weight of material and color
    4. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE, FDA, ISO9001 standard

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  • Disposable Medical PP Scrub Suit

    Disposable Medical PP Scrub Suit

    Protection level: depends on the material weight(g/m2) and the compositions of the fabric.
    Fire Retardant Feature Details:
    Microporous non woven material itself do not have fire-retardant properties.
    If adding Flame Retardant Granules into raw material, the final material will get the flame-retardant feature.

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  • Disposable Non Woven Pants Underwear

    Disposable Non Woven Pants Underwear

    1. High-quality SMS/PP nonwoven fabric,light-weight permeability&no off-smell
    2. Exquisite lace craft;
    3. Not easy to break,comfortable and aesthetic appearance;
    4. Waist Tightness design;
    5. Elasticity enough,fat or thin both wear it,hard to pull it break;
    6. High quality each place details,we don't afraid of zooming it;
    7. Widen the belt,double lines reinforcement overlock process,reduce the waist force,prevent the waist injury;
    8. Quality is strong,life is three times as many common belt;
    9. Bottom hem,double lines reinforcement technology,exquisite workmanship and walk straight line,to avoid edge of embarrassment;
    10. Breathing underwear,crowded micropore,comfortable and breathable;
    11. Soft close skin comfortable,touch urtication trouble;

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  • Colonoscopy Examination Pants

    Colonoscopy Examination Pants

    Colonoscopy examination pants used in hospital and clinic. Made of dark blue non-woven to avoid see through.
    Examination hole located at the back side of pants.
    1. Reduce the scope of buttocks exposure and protect patients' privacy
    2. Improve the satisfaction between doctors and patients;
    3. Reduce the psychological pressure of patients, especially the elderly with heart disease. If the patient's heart beats too fast, the operation of colonoscopy will be affected

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  • Disposable Scrub Suit Set

    Disposable Scrub Suit Set

    Collar: Around collar or V-collar
    Sleeves: without or short sleeves
    Pocket: available
    Pants: with tie on the waist, pockets are available.

    Bacterial released from thehuman body during the surery can pass through the commonly worn cotton scrub suits.
    Less risk of post-operative infections
    Less suffering for the patient
    A final cost reduction
    The OTM scrub suits is designed to fit comfortably under the surgical gown

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