Disposable Lab Coat

  • Disposable Non Woven PP Lab Coat

    Disposable Non Woven PP Lab Coat

    A. Without pocket
    B. Cuffs: Elastic cuffs or knitted cuffs
    C. Collar: Turndown collar knitted collar
    D. Front: With plastic button or zipper
    E. Back situation: The end of the back can be open with about 20cm in order to make the user more comfortable

    Logo: We can sew the customer's neck label with logo or size mark into the coats.
    The label can be also stick on the coats.

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  • Disposable SMMS Lab Jacket

    Disposable SMMS Lab Jacket

    Description: Three Pocket China Wholesale White Cotton Doctors Lab Coat Surgical/Isolation/visitor Gown
    1. Disposable, breathable, soft and strong adsorption ability
    2. Style: With ties or velcro at neck, and ties on the waist, elastic or knit cuff
    3. Various size, weight, color and style are available.
    4. For SMS material, made of meltblown polypropylene sandwiched between two layers of spunbonded polypropylene. More fluid resistant than common spunbonded material,
    the multi-layered SMS apparel offers better protection for any level of exposure in a variety of health care situations.
    5. Good tensile strength, Non-Irritating to skin, Odorless;
    6. Lightweight, soft, breathable;
    7. Impervious and water-proof; Sanitation and quality in accordance with the EN 93/42/CE standard.
    8. It is widely used in hospitals, chemical, drug makers, environmental sanitation etc.

    Exposure Anticipated: Potential for moderate fluid contact and extended use.

    Sized generously and softer than regular spunbonded materials, latex-free SMS apparel drapes easily.

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  • Disposable Microporous Lab Coat

    Disposable Microporous Lab Coat

    SMS is a composite non-woven fabric, spunbond and melt spray composite products, with high strength, good filtering performance, no adhesives, non-toxic and other advantages.
    At present, it is mainly used in medical and health labor protection products such as surgical clothing, surgical cap, protective clothing, hand-washing clothes, handbags and more...
    Through the special treatment of the equipment, it can achieve anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, water-repellent and other properties.
    SMS feature: soft,light,non toxic and durable

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  • Disposable Laminated Film PP PE Lab Coat

    Disposable Laminated Film PP PE Lab Coat

    The PE Film Laminated SPP non-woven, use polypropylene as raw material, composed of PP spunbond and Melt-blown nonwoven, reinforced by heat sealing and then hydrophilic treated, finally with PE film laminated.
    Film can be white or blue, green color, widely used as disposable surgical gown, under pad and adult diaper
    1. Sterile products are used for hospital clinical medical personnel and patients. Natural latex free, water repellent, protection
    2. Non-sterile products can be used for dust-free workshop, hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on.
    3. To prevent the spread of body fluids and blood splash content and isolate Dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.

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  • Disposable SMMS Lab Coat

    Disposable SMMS Lab Coat

    NOT your typical paper thin single layer polypropylene spun bond (PP) disposable lab coats.
    These coats are made of high-quality non-woven tri-layer, Spun/Meltblown/Spunbond (SMS) anti-static treated fabrics.
    The material offers a breathable, soft, light weight, comfortable and durable protection against liquid splash and dry particulate penetration.
    The dense triple-layer fabric construction is strong enough to withstand washing machine cycles, although the product is not intended for reuse.
    Each coat has three large pockets and snap fronts with soft knitted collar and cuffs. Non-sterile, latex free.

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  • Disposable Non Woven PP Visitor Coat

    Disposable Non Woven PP Visitor Coat

    1. Protective clothing type for medical, pharmaceutical, laboratorial, clean room and industrial sectors.
    2. It is environmental and also can be used in recycling.
    3. Our products widely used in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, food processing, kitchen, drug production, medical nursing, washing hair and decoration and etc.
    4. Particle Protection: holding out 99% of fibers and hazardous particles greater than 1 micron
    5. Outstanding barrier against a wide range of chemicals and aerosols.
    6. Silicone free and ultra-low linting. Ideal for use in critical painting applications and reducing the risk of contamination
    7. Lightweight, durable with superior soft comfort.

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  • Disposable Non Woven SMMS Visitor Coat

    Disposable Non Woven SMMS Visitor Coat

    Product Features
    1. Disposable visitor coat is made of excellent non-woven material from biggest supplier
    2. Lint-free, waterproof, good tensile strength, comfortable
    3. Breathable, excellent to dissipate body heat, against splatter
    4. It is the best choice of disposable products in the fields of hospital, factory, cosmetology, environment protection and so on.
    5. The valid period of products is 5 years.

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  • Microporous Visitor Coat

    Microporous Visitor Coat

    Suggested Applications:
    • Work with low-toxic inorganic chemicals
    • Low-pressure cleaning work and industrial cleaning
    • Ship and automotive construction, work with varnishes and paints
    - Agriculture and horticulture (pesticide protection)
    • Pest control

    Microporous non-woven material itself do not have fire-retardant properties.
    If adding Flame Retardant Granules into raw material, the final material will get the flame-retardant feature.

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