fire retardant coverall

  • Fire Retardant Coverall

    Fire Retardant Coverall

    Features of Wood Pulp Laminated Spunlace Nonwoven Fabrics Using the new wood pulp composite spunlaced non-woven fabric from American technology, mainly adopts the design of reel is composed of polyester filament synthetic, native wood pulp and 45% 55%, with tensile strength, strong clean, no crumbs, efficient water, clean oil capacity. Available in different size, inner liner with hose and paper tube to choose. (can be produced according to customer requirements) of different non-woven material sand polyester material products. Applications of ConfortStar-FR >Clean room service >Hazardous chemical area >Pharmaceutical /chemical >Painting and /or paint related environments >Food processing >Asbestos environments >Emergency and toxin leaking administration >Agriculture and /or toxin involved Characteristics: Unique one-piece design that cover whole body, Convenience and easy to wear and off Application: Suitable for isolation and protective use in household, hospital, garden, painting, food industry and other situations

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  • SMMS Fire Retardant Coverall

    SMMS Fire Retardant Coverall

    Features Extend the shelf life of your reusable flame resistant garments Worn on top of the flame-resistant garments when working, it brings to prolong the usage duration and saves laundry costs. Durable & breathable Multilayer SMMS fabric is not only strong and durable, but also soft and breathable. It brings an effective barrier against particulates and low-level liquid spray. Notes: According to EN ISO14116 Index 1, the limited flame spread coverall must never be in direct contact with skin. The ULTITEC 1000FR must be always worn on top of index 2 or 3 thermal protective garments and hoods. The seams, elastics and zipper components are not made of flame retardant materials and may burn if exposed to heat and flame.

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