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    AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown

    AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown

    AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown is made of medium-Weight SMS fabric Which is the best choice while low and moderate fluid resistance is need Features: Medium-weight SMS fabric. Yellow color. For use in low and moderate fluid resistance situation. High intensity stitching. With Neck Tie and Elastic CUffs Tape Teb neck closure optional. Knitted Cuffs are optional for more comfortable. Applications: Hospital, Laboratory, all kinds of areas need fluid resistance protection

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  • Disposable Non Woven Isolation Gown

    Disposable Non Woven Isolation Gown

    Isolation Gown can prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Application: Barrier protection for food processing and handling, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering and industrial sectors. It is good for workers in hospitals, clinics, electronic workplaces, catering and food processing workshops. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

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  • Disposable Non Woven SMMS Isolation Gown

    Disposable Non Woven SMMS Isolation Gown

    SMS is a composite non-woven fabric, spunbond and melt spray composite products, with high strength, good filtering performance, no adhesives, non-toxic and other advantages. At present, it is mainly used in medical and health labor protection products such as surgical clothing, surgical cap, protective clothing, hand-washing clothes, handbags and more... Through the special treatment of the equipment, it can achieve anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, water-repellent and other properties. SMS feature: soft, light, non-toxic and durable

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  • AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown

    AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown

    AMMI 1evel 3 surgical Gown is used for medium fluid exposure, higher risk of injection and sputtering, and higher pressure on the surgical clothing, such as shoulder arthroscopy, electro prostatectomy, mastectomy and other similar operations and operations. This level of operating clothes has higher requirements for water seepage and hydrostatic test Premium Isolation Gowns are breathable and protect against fluids. Made from a heavy, yet breathable material that protect under stringent conditions. The gown is generously sized with long waist ties and hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit. Gowns feature knit cuffs and strong sealed seams that are designed to withstand tough conditions, offering 360° total protection. The gown is blue and has a purple color coated neck binding signifying gown meets AAMI level 3.

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  • Microporous Isolation Gown

    Microporous Isolation Gown

    Microporous disposable surgical gown Permeability is strong, anti-static; Better permeability, in a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion resistance at the same time, with high resistance to impact mechanical properties of the toughness, texture soft, comfortable not combustion-supporting non-toxic non-irritating, harmless to skin.

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  • Medical Hospital Surgical Gown

    Medical Hospital Surgical Gown

    Gown designed with safety, comfortable flexibility. We recognize that user may have different preferences for Surgical Gown. We offer 4 styles. Each offer different from fabric that has its own unique quality. The variety of different material and models give you an option to choose the right. Gown for comfortable and protected procedure. Wide range of Surgical Gowns provides the advanced solution in different levels of protection to help protect patients and staff from the spread of infection is Surgery.

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